Pella Care provides a full range of home health services and will care for you at home, in a nursing home, a retirement community or any alternative living arrangements. We will be there for you 24/7 or intermittently depending on your health requirements.

Personalized Home Care for Your Family

Pella Care’s highly-qualified home health aides provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and offer a special brand of personal, compassionate care. In addition to performing functions like bathing, grooming and toileting, our aides offer companionship and build trust at a time when patients and their family members are at their most vulnerable. They are experts at lifting, mobility assistance, and fall prevention. Additionally, they play in integral role in preventing hospital readmissions, as they are often the first to alert doctors and nurses to a change in the patient’s condition.

Pella Care’s home health aides are trained to:

  • Assist with activities of daily living (toileting, grooming, bathing)
  • Transport and accompany patients to appointments and social events
  • Offer reminders and assistance with medications
  • Assist with personal care activities such as hygiene and grooming
  • Monitor patient’s vital signs, including temperature, and respiration
  • Maintain patient’s care and service records
  • Assist with exercises and physical therapies
  • Provide companionship and basic emotional support
  • Light cleaning, cooking and household work such as changing bed linens and laundry

Pella Care home health aides provide reliable, personalize care. Please call us at 718-837-1010 for further inquiries.

Nursing Care in a Home Health Care Setting

Pella Care’s highly skilled registered nurses offer in-depth experience and knowledge of all known medical conditions, are available 24 hours a day, and visit patients at home regularly. Most importantly, Pella Care’s nurses function as an all-around health advocate for our clients’ needs, and work hand-in-hand with patients, family members, home health aides, doctors, and therapists to ensure that health goals are aligned. Our RNs administer medication, communicate directly with doctors, monitor patient recovery and progress, and oversee the home health aides in the specifics of each client’s case.

Other functions of our Skilled Nurses include:

  • Responsible for client’s Care Plan
  • Serves as the primary healthcare coordinator
  • Oversees home health aides, personal aides and therapists
  • Collaborates with physicians to ensure adherence with treatments and prescribed medications
  • Secures necessary medical services
  • Assists and supports with lifestyle transitions
  • Maintains client assessment and records

For private duty nursing care requests, please call PellaCare at 718-837-1010.

Personal Care Aides Provide Companionship at Home

Pella Care’s personal care aides perform common household tasks, engage clients in daily activities, provide trusted companionship, and ensure patients are comfortable in their homes and. They may also consult with family members to address concerns regarding the client’s health, nutrition, and overall well-being. Their constant and detailed feedback can be used to enhance or modify the client’s individual care plan.

Common tasks performed by our personal care aides include:

  • Assistance with personal hygiene, bathing and toileting
  • Help with dressing and grooming activities
  • Provide companionship by reading, talking, and playing games
  • General housekeeping such as cleaning bathrooms and rooms used by the patient
  • Changing linens, making beds and doing laundry
  • Help with grocery shopping and watering plants
  • Monitoring diet, light cooking and washing dishes
  • Assistance with physician-approved exercise
  • Home safety and stairs supervision
  • Reminding to take medication
  • Transport and accompany client to appointments and community activities
  • Companionship including social/emotional support, hobbies, reading and conversation
  • Other tasks as needed

Let a Pella Care personal care aide help keep you comfortable and safe at home. Call us at 718-837-1010 today.

Rehabilitative Therapy for Greater Independence

Pella Care’s rehabilitation therapists specialize in Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. They work with the Nurse Supervisor to ensure adherence to the patient’s therapeutic plan as prescribed by a doctor or following discharge from a hospital or rehabilitation center. Our highly-trained therapists help promote recovery from injury or adaptability to disability, increasing the client’s independence and building their self-confidence,

Available Pella Care therapy services include:

  • Instructing patients, families, and caregivers in home exercise programs and therapies
  • Training with, recommending and/or providing assistive equipment
  • Recommendations for outpatient care, and additional therapies and regimens.

Learn more about Physical Therapy from our trained specialists. Call 718-837-1010 for more information.

Care That Goes Beyond Physical Health

Pella Care’s medical social workers can guide you and direct you to supplemental resources available in your community and through your health insurance. They understand the role that emotional, spiritual, and financial factors play in the recovery process – and provide support to both patients and family members in the forms of discharge planning, psychosocial counseling, grief counseling, financial planning, and referrals.

Some of the topics they counsel on include: catastrophic disability, terminal illness, end of life decisions, independent living resources, and depression.

Pella Care’s medical social services include:

  • Arranging home health services upon discharge or prescription from a physician
  • Assessment and/or reassessment of the client’s economic, social and/or environmental conditions
  • Coordination with patient, loved-ones and care providers to prevent or address conditions relating to patient’s health factors
  • Referrals to useful community resources
  • Assistance with placement in medical facilities such as nursing homes or assisted living
  • Financial aid guidance and assistance
  • Crisis and/or grief counseling and intervention

Contact us to learn more about Pella Care’s Medical Social Services. Call 718-837-1010 today.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a unique initiative for Medicaid recipients in New York. It allows the patient (also known as the consumer) to recruit, hire and direct their own home care workers, also known as personal assistants.

With Pella Care CDPAS you can get the home care and help you need from someone you know and trust, without having to pay out-of-pocket. You select your caregivers and we facilitate their pay and benefits. Established in 2013, Pella Care CDPAS serves 42 counties throughout the state of NY. With Pella Care CDPAS, love and care go hand in hand.

To learn more about Pella Care CDPAS please visit our dedicated website by clicking here, or contact us directly by calling 718-837-1010.

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